Monday, March 14, 2016

We were Tagged by the Terrible Oppressor Rebekah (a.k.a. our younger sister who is much better at real blogging than us)

Rebekah inflicted something called a "tag" on us. I am not sure why. I have always considered a tag as something annoying and to be avoided if it could be at all helped from the "tag, you're it" kind, to exorbitant price tags, to the ones on clothes that scratch incessantly at one's neck. However, for Rebekah I will endure this affliction just this once and try to answer the seemingly unnecessary questions as best as possible. (I mean, honestly, who cares what I am wearing?)

Vital Stats:

NameMargaret Eddy

Nicknames: Margaret. Just Margaret. Actually, sometimes I used to get called Megan or Meg by my older siblings and Greta by Mom. Our choir director calls me Mugs, I think because he had an aunt Margaret and that was what they called her, though I am not entirely clear on the details. However, he does not generally call me this except when he is feeling daring or just like he would rather not live another day, so I do not think it counts.

Place of Birth: Port Orchard, Washington. Where the rain goes dripping through the forests.

Worst School Subject: I, like a good homeschooler, love all of my academic school subjects. American Government was not my favorite, definitely, but I only had to endure it one year (as a school subject, anyway). However, I hate P. E., and it is my personal opinion that all girls should be exempt from this horrible subject of sweatiness, exhaustion, soreness, and the general feeling of inferiority that one feels after they have become all of these things in the course of a few minutes.


Best Friend: Sarah, probably. I did not get saved until I was the tottering old age of three, so to be completely accurate as much as possible, my guess is that she was my best friend (as well as my worst enemy at times), before Jesus was on my radar, though I do not remember much.

Award: Probably some Sunday school regular attendance thing, but winning the Intermediate level of Music Olympics when I was twelve was probably the first I remember specifically.

Sport: Sarcasm. 

Real Holiday: Going to Winthrop for my brother's eight-yearold birthday trip, when I was about five. (Much too young for real holidays, I know, but for Andrew, my family was willing to risk it.) We ended up having the flu for most of the vacation, though, so I still turned out alright. The only memory (other than the having the flu bits) that really stuck with me was that the hotel breakfast had chocolate muffins. To that point, I had always assumed those were a dessert item, not a breakfast one. Cheerios were never quite the same after that.

Concert: Probably the Bremerton Symphony playing something classical was my first concert I went to. Grandma Eddy got free tickets from Kitsap Bank fairly often, and so I got to go along to those at a much younger age than I would have gone to a concert otherwise. Classical music seems to be somewhat of an acquired taste nowadays, but my family started in on developing my appreciation for it at a very young age. 


Film: The Giver

TV Show: Does Studio C count?

Color: Purple. This was my color code when I was little (Andrew was green, Sarah was pink, Rebekah was yellow, etc.), so even though I used to secretly like blue and certain shades of red better, I realized that it would be best to reconcile myself to purple for the sake of my own peace of mind, as well as in keeping with tradition. Habit eventually triumphed, and purple was soon my favorite color in actuality. Or perhaps it was when I found out that blue and red made purple, so really my parents had picked the best of both worlds for me. Either way, purple has been, and will remain my favorite color for a very long time, even though now I could probably change it without throwing the family's system off too much.

Song: I'm Just a Little Black Raincloud

Books: That was very nice of whoever made this word plural. I decided to, unlike Rebekah, take the word "favorite" as it is defined in the dictionary, meaning top one, rather than top several. However, since "Books" is plural I will let myself loose a bit.

Watership Down
The Chronicles of Narnia (which is a series, I know, but still technically fits under the word "Books")
The Mysterious Benedict Society
The Monster at the End of this Book
House at Pooh Corner
Winnie the Pooh
Fox and Socks

Call my tastes childish if you like.


Feeling: Hungry. Apathetic (about being hungry). 

Single or Taken? I am a very singular person, thank you.

Eating: Nothing. 

Watching: My computer screen type words as my finger give command. Sometimes, as my fingers didn't mean to give command.

Wearing:  A blue and white plaid shirt, a black jean skirt, about nine bobby pins, one of Mom's hair clips, a ring, a pony tail (on my wrist), socks (two of them in fact), grey boots (also two, if you were wondering), you get the idea.


Want Children? I like children a great deal. 

Want to be Married?  Eventually, I suppose. I don't feel like I Have No Other Purpose In Life And I Am A Failure If I Do Not Get Married At A Very Young Age, though.

Careers in Mind: Piano teacher and/or homeschool mom

 Where do you want to live? In Port Orchard, WA

>>Do You Believe In:

God: Yes.

Miracles: Yes.

Love at first sight: Not really, though I have not really dedicated much thought to the subject.

Ghosts: I believe in the Holy Ghost, does that count?

Aliens: Yes, aliens and foreigners... I think they are even mentioned in 1 Peter. If this means the extraterrestrial blah, blah, blah, kind, no.

Heaven? Yes. 

Hell: Yes.

Kissing on the first date: Ugh, bleck, gah. No.

Yourself: Yes, I believe wholeheartedly in me. I mean if anyone has any grounds for believing in my existence, I do. I am writing this blogpost. I had coffee this morning. I am feeling apathetically hungry. Of course I believe I exist. (What a ridiculous question. Why not ask if I believe in someone named Hildegarde who lives on some abandoned island that I do not actually know exists itself, since I am terrible at geography? Then I might have some reason for saying "No" to this question.)


  1. I am laughing, Margaret, this was hilarious! Thanks for posting, your answers were witty as usual. ;)

    1. You are welcome. I am glad someone got some enjoyment out of the ordeal.

  2. Oh. My. Goodness. XD
    THIS is why I "inflict" you with tags. You're hilarious my dear sister. I had a ton of fun reading you don't mind if I pass it along, do you? ;)

    1. I have no specific objection to the idea, if you feel so inclined.

  3. This is hilarious. Oh, wow, I loved reading your answers Margaret! XD

  4. Oh goodness, these answers are amazing! I had so much fun reading through them, and I had a smile on my face through the whole post! I immensely enjoyed reading your answers, Margret! :)

  5. I had fun reading your answers, Margaret! :) They were pretty funny. :D

  6. Yep, I'll have to say I enjoyed reading this. Perhaps because it sounded a bit like something I would write if I were so inclined to write a post and answer all these questions. Perhaps because I am tired and needed something "light" to read, or perhaps it was for no other reason that . . . well, . . . because I did. :)

    1. Glad you enjoyed the light reading while it lasts, next time I'll probably write a Philosophical Treatise on Life that is particularly boring to make up for this one.

  7. Thank you for exemplifying the sport sarcasm for us. That one sport you don't have to feel inferior at.


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